WattC® offers a range of services related to the process of interconnecting energy systems to the electrical grid. Below is a list of some of our most popular services:

Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

In case of any problems or disputes during the interconnection process or post-interconnection, we can provide assistance in troubleshooting issues, resolving conflicts, and seeking resolution with the utility or other relevant entities.


Project Management

Interconnection projects involve multiple stakeholders and timelines. We can provide project management services, coordinating with various parties, overseeing the installation process, and ensuring timely completion of the interconnection.


Interconnection Agreement Negotiation

Interconnection agreements outline the terms and conditions between the interconnection facility owner and the utility company and in some cases the RTO. We can review and negotiate these agreements to protect the client's interests and ensure fair terms for energy production, metering, billing, and other relevant aspects.


Feasibility Studies

We can conduct a thorough assessment of the site including grid infrastructure, electrical load, and other relevant factors to determine the feasibility of interconnection.


Interconnection Application Assistance

We can help with the paperwork and documentation required for the interconnection application process. They ensure that all necessary forms are completed accurately and submitted within the specified timeframe.


Utility and RTO Coordination

Coordinating with the utility company is a critical aspect of an interconnection. We can liaise with the utility and RTO on behalf of the client, facilitating communication, addressing queries, and ensuring compliance with specific interconnection requirements.


Overall, we aim to streamline the process of interconnecting your project to the electrical grid, providing expertise, guidance, and support to ensure a successful and efficient interconnection.

Utilities, Regional Transmission Operators, Energy Companies


Transmission planning studies

Evaluate the capacity of the transmission system under various scenarios of load growth and generation to identify overloads (thermal and voltage). Propose projects to mitigate overloads.


Resilience and Reliability assessment

Determine Transmission solutions to mitigate risks due to extreme weather conditions pursuant to the standards applicable to the region (NERC Standards for US clients)


Outage Coordination

Develop studies during construction of major projects or for outage planning required for maintenance. Studies performed in compliance with region’s operational requirements to ensure reliability is maintained during construction/outage windows.


NERC Compliance (for US Clients)

Studies to ensure compliance with relevant NERC standards such as TPL-001 (Transmission System Planning Performance), CIP-014 (Identifying Transmission stations requiring Physical Security), EOP-005 (System Restoration and Blackstart Resources), MOD-026 (Verification of Models and Data)



Approach to power flow analysis, highlighting any proprietary techniques or tools


Emphasis on accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of analysis methods.


Methodologies that address specific client challenges or industry requirements.

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