A trusted Consultant for enabling interconnection of solar, wind, storage, hydro or natural gas generation as well as load projects such as data centers, electrification of transportation fleets, electrification for large commercial and industrial customers, etc.

Experts in performing planning assessment, grid expansion studies, outage coordination studies and compliance assessment for utilities, regional transmission operators and energy companies.

Services we offer

Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

In case of any problems or disputes during the interconnection process or post-interconnection, we can provide assistance in troubleshooting issues, resolving conflicts, and seeking resolution with the utility or other relevant entities.


Project Management

Interconnection projects involve multiple stakeholders and timelines. We can provide project management services, coordinating with various parties, overseeing the installation process, and ensuring timely completion of the interconnection.


Interconnection Agreement Negotiation

Interconnection agreements outline the terms and conditions between the interconnection facility owner and the utility company and in some cases the RTO. We can review and negotiate these agreements to protect the client's interests and ensure fair terms for energy production, metering, billing, and other relevant aspects.


Feasibility Studies

We can conduct a thorough assessment of the site including grid infrastructure, electrical load, and other relevant factors to determine the feasibility of interconnection.


Interconnection Application Assistance

We can help with the paperwork and documentation required for the interconnection application process. They ensure that all necessary forms are completed accurately and submitted within the specified timeframe.


Utility and RTO Coordination

Coordinating with the utility company is a critical aspect of an interconnection. We can liaise with the utility and RTO on behalf of the client, facilitating communication, addressing queries, and ensuring compliance with specific interconnection requirements.


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Principles of our work



We have a fundamental commitment to delivering products and services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Moreover, this commitment is not just limited to the end product but ingrained in every aspect of our business process, culture and interactions with stakeholders.



Integrity serves as the moral compass of our business guiding us to embody honesty, ethics, and moral principles in all aspects of our organization’s internal and external operations and interactions. We focus on ethical decision making, transparency, compliance, fairness, equity and above all protecting confidentiality.


Cost Effective

We emphasize the efficient use of resources to achieve the best possible results and outcomes. Our internal principles of productivity, technology, employee training & development and continuous monitoring, enables us to translate financial benefits to our



Focusing on meticulous planning, organizing, clear communications and client collaboration we have been able to deliver projects on or ahead of schedule. We have regular progress monitoring and metrics as well as a culture of agility and flexibility to ensure punctuality and schedule adherence is top of mind for our team.

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Identify Points of Interconnection

Screening study to identify Transmission and Distribution hosting capacity at various points of interconnection on the system. High level steady state analysis to determine the electrical viability of generator or load interconnection.

Program Management

Interconnection Application support, co-ordination and negotiations with utilities and ISO/RTOs for Interconnection request, GIA advisory services

Model Development & Validation

Generator, Transmission and Distribution model development to support Steady-State, Short Circuit and Stability analysis using tools such as PSS/E, ASPEN, PSCAD, etc. Support material modification and study submission.

Generation/Load Interconnection Studies

System Impact, Feasibility studies including evaluation of the project’s steady state, transfer, stability, short circuit analysis and report development. Facility studies that include detailed engineering scope of work, design requirements and cost estimates Generator, Transmission and Distribution model development to support Steady-State, Short Circuit and Stability analysis using tools such as PSS/E, ASPEN, PSCAD, etc.

Special Studies

Shadow studies for Solar interconnections, Wind capacity factor analysis, Siting study including Transfer Capacity (FCITC), Harmonics studies, Reactive Power study and Electrical Design studies.

Outage Coordination & Energization Studies

Energization studies, outage sequencing studies including compliance with NERC Standards such as TPL-001-5, identification of key stakeholders and development of a comprehensive outage coordination plan

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